Free Push Notification Alerts

Any content added to Skoolbag can be pushed as FREE instant push notification messages which can be immediate or scheduled for later. Use it for news, events, newsletter posts, last minute cancellations, etc. Plus you can categorise the push alert to target years, classes, subjects sports teams, drama classes, etc. A great replacement to school SMS.

Custom eForm Builder

Your school can create their own unlimited in-app forms for parents or students to complete. The forms can include payment and signatures (sign right on the app!) as required. These can be used for surveys, registrations, order forms, permission notes, payments, anything you can think of.

Skoolmail Bulk eMail

Skoolmail enables your school to email any Skoolbag content entries to individual subscribers, groups, or the whole school. It's great for emailing newsletters, permission notes (or any notes), cancellations, any document, Google map, video, or link. It's free with your Skoolbag Subscription.

School events calendar

Shows events in list format month by month, and calendar format. Your parents/students can also add school events to their own personal iPhone Calendar at the click on a button. Google Calendar iCal files can also be syncronised with the Skoolbag calendar.

It's your school App!

Skoolbag is published School by School, and is branded for your School. Your parent community can find your school app in the App Store by searching its name, and it can even be customised in the future for your school as required.


Display published newsletters, forms, notes, permission slips, Annual Reports, or any document you require.

Custom Content, the ultimate flexibility

Create your own custom content categories published right to your Skoolbag in real-time. Skoolbag is not limited to a standard set of content, and any content added can also be pushed as an Alert, right to the parents' phone.

Social Media Sharing

School Administrators now have the option to enable content entries to be shared by parent's Facebook and Twitter Accounts. This is great for promoting school events like Fetes and Musicals.

Website Integration

View Skoolbag content directly on your website via the SkoolbagApp Communication Centre website plugin as detailed below, or you can use your free and feature rich Skoolbag Website for the completely seamless solution.

RSS Feed Integration

Drop in any RSS Feed (either from your website, or external site) and Skoolbag will display the content feed automatically.

Password Protected Content

School administrators can now password protect any content category as required. This is great for adding a dedicated staff content category, or for any content you don't want the general public to see.

Keyword Search

You can now search for content using the Keyword search tool, making it even easier to find what you are looking for.

SMS and Email reply options

School Administrators now have the option to enable content entries to be replied to by the parent/student community. Any content can have an Email and SMS reply option added to it. This is great for events requiring RSVP's or just any entry requiring some form of reply.

Photo Gallery option on any entry

Multiple photos can now be added to any content entry showing as a "slide your finger show" on your Skoolbag.

Embedded Maps with GPS Directions

School administrators can now embed maps in any content entry, and enable the user to get GPS directions. This is great for providing directions to sporting venues, or theatres for musical events etc.

Change of details eForm

Now includes embedded change of details eForm enabling parents/students to submit changes to their contact details back to the school.

Absentee Note eForm

Now includes embedded absentee or sick note eForm enabling parents/students to submit details of absence back to the school.

Skoolbag Feed

Now you can view a feed of all content that has been added in chronological order regardless of which categories the content is in. This is great to scroll through to see what has been updated during a day, or week etc.

Social Media Integration

Integrated Facebook, Twitter and other RSS feeds.

Free Training and Support

Every school receives an inital training session and ongoing support for free.