School Websites by Skoolsite

Skoolsite provides websites for schools, school website design and development.

This special school website solution provides a large range of sections and functionality. This allows the school to enjoy all the benefits of a professional website right from the start, plus the option to add sections later as school needs change.

PLUS the website comes with the Skoolbag Communication Centre so that when you update your website the Skoolbag mobile app is updated at the same time.

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Professional Graphics

A school website with professional graphic design for your school.

Easy to Navigate

A school website with professional navigation structure to aid in finding information.

Grows as You Do

A school website system that allows the website to grow as the needs of the school change from year to year.

Simple to Update

A school website with a simple method to update information.

Flexible Structure

A school website offering a range of mini-websites for departments, faculties, years and classes.

Training & Support

Full training and ongoing support is provided by iimage.

Communicate to Parents

A school website offering a vehicle for communicating to both parents and the community.

Administration Roles

A school website that allows a range of different administration people to look after separate areas of the website.

Document & Homework System

A school website document / homework management system that can be access from outside the school through a secure login.